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My absolutely favorite health hack that has been serving my family for 5+ years! Over 30 varieties of fruits, vegetables, berries, and plant-sourced omegas designed to bridge the gap.

Plant-sourced omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, 9

superfood smoothie mix

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Move with Me

As a certified yoga instructor, I find immense gratification in being the gateway through which my clients to unlock their mental strength by way of physical challenge. Join me for yoga or yoga sculpt in group, zoom, or individual instruction formats.


Behavior Change

As a NASM-certified Behavior Change Specialist, I work with my clients in whichever stage of change they are in, in order to develop strategies that aid them in progressing towards their goals. Whether you are in need of a rock-solid morning routine to get your day started, or a long-term plan for personal development, I’ve got you covered!

Clear the Space

From childhood till now, my mom and I have bonded through clearing, organizing, and creating intentional spaces together. I have turned that same passion, now as a wellness practitioner, to assist my clients in redesigning their own spaces to enhance their joy, comfort, and functionality. 

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Whether your are in need of changing your daily habits, sculpting your physique, creating a sacred space in your home, or a combination of all three- look no further than right here! B Good Wellness is your next stop in uncovering your healthy, intentional, and happy lifestyle.

What My clients are saying

Juice Plus+ is my outlet to all the necessary fruits, veggies, and berries that I don't typically have in my diet. Finally receiving everything I was missing, I found not only an uplift in my mood and energy, but I also found my cystic acne begin to fade...and never return!
Gina D.
Yoga Instructor

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Health and wellness are personal, and for that reason we know that no two people need the same solutions. I wanted to share some other services and products that I have used and loved throughout my journey. I am not getting paid for these recommendations, but feel it is important to share them since, in some way, they have changed my life.


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Because sometimes we just need a little extra inspiration to take care of ourselves.

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