August 15, 2015

beach day

like the wind, i listened for you

as I lie here
I see so much that takes me back
to the days of you and me
the sand in my toes is
the tingling I would feel when
you would grace me with the
gentle touch of
your unyielding hands
the sun in the sky
it's like the warmth and comfort that
would consume me knowing I would
always have you
the roar of the waves
those are different
and so, so special
they are the rush of excitement
the passion, fire
that came to surface whenever
our eyes locked
the sailboat in the distance is the yearning
and need I feel to be close to you
the miles I would travel
just to hear your voice
to see those beautiful eyes staring
back at me
and the sea shells
those are the vulnerability
the delicacy
and the brokenness
of this life
without you
I thought I saw you today
but like always
it was emptiness that
surrounded me