october 8, 2019

cigarettes and romance

it was as if my lips could kiss the sun

the way I woke up that day
the morning clouds bowed down to its grace
it melted yesterday away

a morning caress of my lips to yours
I woke up feeling dizzy
a potion of our legs entangled
buzzed from the crisp air intoxicating

click clack click clack bonjour
click clack click clack au revoir
the cobblestone streets bless this passage
they harmonize to me their song

time stands still as the hours fly by
there is no site left to be seen
except, perhaps, that of me and you
right back where we begin

upon the flat the minutes darken
down below street life changes
clicks and clacks become calls of cats
their heavy coats and drunk eyes naked

but here we are left, entangled once more
swallowed by the moon's entrancing glow
for who would have thought that the best day ever
I'd only need you to know