october 28, 2019

it's not about you

from a cliff, dangling

like claws gripping ice
grasping. slipping. pleading. ripping.
but wouldn't it be nice
to fall into you

engulfed by the warmth of your skin
entrapped by the whisper of your breath against my neck
it's far too sad that your hopeful eyes
remind me that these walls are too high
for the heat between us that rises
but god, it would be nice
to fall into you

so I pull
and I push
and I yank
and I scream
and I try to convince myself
that the falling is flying
that the landing is soft
because falling into you
feels like too far a drop

so I keep talking to myself
yearning to let go
that even though
you are my discomfort zone
without my other half I can't be whole
and god when I land I pray
and I realize it's true
that it's never felt better
falling into you